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Parenting by Numbers Standard Edition provides parents with an internet based behavior modification program that is both easy to setup and convenient to operate. Using a token economy helps parents become more consistent and brings the emotion and conflict out of parenting and discipline. This reduction in conflict allows parent-child relationships to improve and may even serve to reduce marital or coparenting conflict over parenting strategies.

Token economies have been used for decades in a variety of settings with a wide range of populations successfully reducing a host of behavioral problems. Widely used today in schools with both clinical and non-clinical populations, research suggests that token economies offer many benefits in managing behavior problems related to ADHD, Autism and other developmental or behavior disorders. While found to be highly successful in improving behaviors, the downside to token economies is the effort required to setup, maintain and record behaviors. Parenting by Numbers uses an automated internet and interactive phone system to make setup and operation quick and easy. It requires only a few minutes each day to operate.

When employed in the home, It helps parents teach their children about the way the world works - You work for the privileges in life. Negative behaviors ultimately have negative impact while positive behaviors provide many valuable benefits.

How Parenting by Numbers works:

  1. Parents subcribe to the program and run the Initial Assessment. This automatic creates the database of Positive and Negative Behaviors, Responsibilities, Chores and Privileges (including automated allowances). In addition to Point balances, three fictitious financial accounts Checking, Savings and Charity accounts are provided to teach about finances. The child's weekly schedule, charts and lists of chores, responsibilities are available for printing. Parents print out charts of chores, responsibilities, lists of positive and negative behaviors and weekly schedules.

  1. Parents record target behaviors daily via the internet or by phone using the interactive voice recognition system. This only takes a few minutes a day.

  1. Parents limit the child's access to privileges based on the child's currnt point balance (either by purchasing the privilege or using a level system). The child either has the points or they don't. If privileges are purchased using points, these are recorded. Current point/dollar balances can be view on-line or inquired quickly anywhere by phone.

  1. Point values are changed and new behaviors and responsibilites are added as needed. Reports provide parents with valuable information regarding completion of responsibilities and improvements in targeted behaviors.

Parenting by Numbers is subscription based and requires a computer with internet access. Telephone access is available anywhere. Parenting by Numbers is available in two versions, the Standard Edition and the Professional Edition. The Standard Edition is for parents desiring to try it on their own. The Professional Edition with advanced behavioral tools is intended for parents requiring professional therapeutic support and is only available through a qualified mental health professional.
A token economy or "point system" is a program where points and/or money is used as a currency to purchase privileges within the home or school environment. The points/money are earned by meeting responsibilities and by behaving in desirable ways. Points/money are expended to “purchase” privileges and are lost when the child behaves in undesirable ways. This type of system has been widely used in managing a variety of behavioral problems resulting from ADHD, ODD, autism and intellectual disabilities.
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